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Real Estate Training... The Right Way

Cheri-Lynn Diamond

How do you look in cellophane? Are you tired of canned products? Let's talk briefly about food.. canned food that is the same for everywhere with no deviation, pre-wrapped food or a fresh meal with fresh ingredients made to your exact specifications. That is what I would like to bring to your business... a fresh plan to your personality that is actually what you want for your market, presentation style, and actually approved by you. I bring to you a plan that includes a space repetition. If you are truly invested in your business then so am I... contact me today.

Cheri-Lynn Diamond
Cheri-Lynn is a trainer with passion and enthusiasm. She was recognized by the Real Estate Educator Association as a Distinguished Real Estate Instructor. There are presently less than 100 in the nation. She has trained thousands of agents in real estate training as well as license education. She also brings her experience as an Integrity Coach to help people discover their own potential. When she speaks the room is captivated with her energy, humor and excitement. She motivates and excites with tangible ideas and direction to add to every business. She has great presence that allows her to raise people to a whole new version of them. The information that is included with every presentation is tangible ideas to become a part of their business today.

Real Estate Courses

You have just found the perfect solution to all of your real estate school requirements. We have 13 years of school experience and offer an alternative to the other real estate schools. We offer custom schedules and will guide you through the process to allow you to begin your real estate career or enhance your education. Please contact us so we help find a custom solution for you.

Sales Associate - this course is a 63 hour course that is required in order to take the Florida State exam. The course contains all of the essential elements to help with your success on the state exam. We offer a variety of formats that can be tailored to your schedule.

Sales Post License – we offer a unique opportunity to take this required course with an instructor with an extensive sales training background. Don't just take the course; make this a learning experience to augment your knowledge and skills.

Broker course - this requires that the sales associate has at least 24 months of active sales experience with a real estate broker. If you are looking to develop your career and expertise, it is time to take you career to another level. It will require a state exam and application; this will provide the license to have your own office.

Broker Post License – now that you have a broker's license, the state requires 60 hours of education. We provide two 30 hour courses which will help you to set up and build your real estate business within the state required curriculum.

14 hour Continuing Education – Would you like to have a private Continuing Education class at your office or association? Please contact us so we can set up a course for you for this renewal.

3 Hour Law Only - Have you done the 11 hours of specialty credits for your renewal? Contact us for private 3 hour classes at your office or association.

Listing Presentations
Are you comfortable with your presentation?
Did you buy the presentation because the someone told this is it. How about having a presentation that is natural and you have practiced it extensively with a trainer and not just your kitchen table? Let's build a custom presentation that reflects the assets of your company and you. Then practice it and use your words and personality to create a strong presentation that reflects the best of you and your company.

Business Coaching
Brokers are running businesses/real estate offices with no direction or tools. Are you in a survival mode or ready to take your office to a new level? It is time to look at your business and treat it like a business. You need a program with accountability and tools to examine your business plan and increase your profitability. Call for a free consultation to determine your needs and begin a tangible coaching program to build your business.

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